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Verglas Media, a production company specializing in science stories told on a variety of high-tech platforms - from HD, to 3D to Science On a Sphere film production.

NASA : Pursuit of Light

Photography, videography and editing by Victoria Weeks. Co-produced by Michael Starobin and Victoria Weeks at NASA GSFC.  Music by Jami Seiber and Moby. Ultra high-resolution Imagery by NASA SVS and STScI.  PURSUIT OF LIGHT - A NASA short film highlighting the agency's most exciting science to date (2012).

PURSUIT OF LIGHT is all about the big questions that inspire NASA's vital missions. From Earth, to our moon and sun, Mars and the edge of our galaxy, NASA continues to explore.

Pursuit  of  Light  was originally created for a big-screen show at the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center at the Dulles International Airport.  The event:  the landing of NASA's Discovery Space Shuttle atop a jumbo jet headed to its final outpost at the museum. The purpose: showcase the results of some of NASA's greatest continuing missions, all aimed at answering the big questions about our planet, solar system and the universe.

Produced at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,  Victoria Weeks shot and edited the short film,  and it's one of her favorites. The stunning NASA visuals are accompanied by equally moving music. Notably, the opening song is by Jami Seiber called "Surrender" and the final song is "Mistake" by Moby.

On a technical note,  this video was created in 4K resolution for playback on NASA's Hyperwall, a huge 15 screen display operated by the various science labs across the agency.   With data imagery available in unbelievably high resolution, the team used time-lapse techniques and worked purposefully to composite the HD footage and animations, ultimately reaching the resolution required for the big screen.   Yet even on the small screen,  the feeling of grandeur that is our universe conveys. Enjoy!

In the Media

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