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409 William Avenue #6
Davis, WV, 26260
United States


Verglas Media, a production company specializing in science stories told on a variety of high-tech platforms - from HD, to 3D to Science On a Sphere film production.


Video Production :: Web Design :: Branding

Emerging media. New tech.  Fresh perspectives. Our team has spent many years creating cutting edge media, from Science On a Sphere films to large multi-screen presentations to remote science operations around the world. We integrate web development, branding and graphic design to offer a full array of marketing and promotional needs. Let us tell your story. 

Create.  Captivate.  Communicate.


Verglas Media is a production company born through years of experience creating the visual building blocks used to communicate complex concepts in far away places - or right around the corner.  Whether commercial, promotional or educational, we aim to tell relevant and meaningful stories about our world. 

When art and science partner, inspiration follows.

Our team brings a wide range of technical expertise, creative problem-solving and fresh ideas to each and every project.  From concept and script to release and promotion, our skills will energize your story and enable your message to come to life.  

Whether in the field or on the set, our videography captures the striking visuals behind the story, and each artful edit conveys intention and continuity. Our digital graphics add context and illumination, animating your story on screen and in print.  We will help your message leave the screen and reach the world via a modern website.

Our studio in West Virginia locates us near some of the greatest metropolitan areas of the U.S. while keeping us in touch with some of the last remaining wilds of the east.  Our travel around the country - and world - fuels our connection to this planet and its people.   

With eight of the the most inventive spherical films ever made, pioneering work with modern 3-D video techniques,  and countless high definition videos under our belt, we offer you an unmatched array of production skills to help you reach your goal.

That’s our story.  Contact us today and start telling yours!



Storytelling & Script Development

 Spherical, HD & 3D Videography & Editing  

 Still & Time-Lapse Photography  |  Motion Graphics & Visual Effects 

Branding |  Web Design |  Print Graphics

  Social Media Promotion | Marketing | Consulting 


Our Team

Victoria Weeks - Owner, Producer, Videographer, Editor

Victoria Weeks - Owner and Creative Director

Victoria spent over a decade as a science media producer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. In edition to her other work at NASA, she developed the art of videography and editing for sphere films, starting with the world’s first film for Science On a Sphere, Footprints (2006). Her work has taken her all over the world; from huge satellite cleanrooms in California, to mountain peaks in Hawaii to ice sheets at the geographic North Pole.

In 2012 Victoria chose Canaan Valley, West Virginia as her new home. In 2013 she started Verglas Media. 2014 saw the release of NASA’s latest spherical film Water Falls, with Victoria at the helm as editor and videographer. In 2014 Verglas Media released the first independent film created for Science On a Sphere, Our Pale Blue Dot. Premiering at the World Science Festival in New York in 2014, Our Pale Blue Dot plays regularly at NASA facilities and science centers around the world.

Over the years, Verglas Media, LLC has expanded to include marketing, photography, web and branding design services. Victoria has been honored as a West Virginia Wonder Woman and Tucker County Business Person of the Year. In 2018, Verglas Media produced the award winning FarmFreshWV media campaign, using TV commercials, billboards, print ads and web applications to promote West Virginia's farmers markets.

Artistic sensibilities combined with technical expertise and the endless pursuit of perfection define all of Victoria’s creative endeavors. These traits combine with an unwavering dedication to her clients to make Verglas Media a truly special media organization.

Eric Erbe - Scientist, Photographer, Location Director

Eric Erbe  - Science Advisor, Location Consultant,  Photographer

Eric spent over 35 years working as a biologist and microscopist at the USDA, ultimately heading up the Electron Microscopy Lab at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Washington, DC.  He pioneered many techniques used to study micro-organisms and other physical objects that are invisible to the naked eye.  Along with the vital role of imaging agricultural pests including insects, parasites, bacteria and viruses, he partnered with NASA to capture and study snow crystals up close and personal.  His snow imagery was part of a massive in-situ data collection effort (CLPX) for the purposes of satellite calibration and validation missions. His collection travels took him to glaciers, ice fields and snow packs all over the country. It was the perfect fit, as Eric is an avid outdoorsman and a born naturalist.  His love of mountaineering has inspired him to travel all over the world - from the Alps of Switzerland to the high peaks of Himalaya - and always with a camera.  Every day, he notices the treasures that abound in whichever forest, river, mountain or desert that he finds himself.  

William Peterson  Co-producer, Audio Recordist, Sound & Script Editor

William Peterson - Senior Producer, Audio Recordist, Sound & Script Editor

William's eclectic career has touched every element of audio, recording and sound production.  Following forty years of audio accomplishments, he now enjoys mountain life full-time in Canaan Valley with his wife, Karen, and two Labradors.  His accomplishments include being a SAG/AFTRA actor who has been seen and heard on numerous television shows and movies. He is a member of the Acoustical Society of America, and is a licensed commercial and drone pilot. He holds two patents and has written, published and presented papers on audio and acoustics before the Audio Engineering Society. He is an accomplished script writer and editor, having written magazine articles and full-length radio dramas. He has taught proper sound engineering and operation to thousands of people, including WHCA (they do sound for the President).  He supplied all artists’ sound needs for the Kennedy Center when it opened, and has provided sound services for numerous well-known performing artists. With an intimate knowledge of functioning on both sides of the camera and microphone, his breadth of experiences make him the ideal “go-to” partner in any type of sound or video production. 

Ethan Bolton - Lead Graphic Designer and Brand Development

Born and raised in Barbour County, West Virginia, Ethan fostered an early interest in the arts. It wasn't, however, until his college years that he found passion for digital composition and design. In November of 2015, he assembled a solo exhibition of printed vector portraits for a show entitled "The Parting Glass" at the Brooks Gallery. Ethan received a Bachelor of Arts in Cross Media from Fairmont State University in December of 2015, where he learned a wide variety of artistic disciplines ranging from sculptural fabrication to graphic design.

With a rival passion for the cigar industry, Ethan avidly reviews and photographs cigars, combining an obscure interest with artistic expression. Among other hobbies and interests including music and songwriting, he now continues to work heavily with vector design and illustration with a focus in branding and typographic compositions.


Jessica Geibel - Lead Web Designer and Developer

Jess first fell in love with the internet over a dial up connection in high school. She taught herself to build websites after discovering "view source" when she should have been studying for a history test and has been hooked ever since. After years of making flashy social media profiles for friends while working customer service, Jess landed a job as a temporary office assistant where she learned that computers can used for productivity as well as fun. The temp gig turned into a decade-long administrative and business development management role, allowing her to hone her organization and computer skills while realizing that that best way to sell a business is with a well-designed package. She obtained her degree in Graphic Design in 2014, and has managed to turn her hobby of creating webpages into a career.

Today, Jess's love of the internet is mainly focused on using the amazing capabilities of WordPress to make creative, thoughtful websites that are responsive, secure, and SEO-friendly. She draws on her administrative background to build logical organization of content, and her attention to detail ensures each site is pixel perfect at launch. She’s an expert on the full cycle of web services, from hosting setup and web server administration to full e-commerce site deployment to regular site maintenance and upgrades.


Dylan Jones - Writer and Photographer

Dylan became passionate about adventure and conservation as a youngster exploring the lush forests and rugged topography of West Virginia. These formative experiences helped guide him through an outdoor-obsessed life, including a stint administering recreational surveys in the northern California, a summer climbing in the Tetons, a season as a rock climbing guide in the New River Gorge, and adventure travel in South East Asia, Costa Rica, Patagonia, and France.

Interspersed throughout his adventures, Dylan received a master's degree in public administration in 2014 and a bachelor's degree in journalism in 2010, both from West Virginia University. 

He now resides in Davis, WV, with his partner Nikki. Together they publish Highland Outdoors, a quarterly print and digital magazine covering West Virginia's outstanding recreation opportunities, spectacular landscapes, and inspiring individuals. Prior to his foray into the world of publishing, Dylan was (and remains) a freelance writer and photographer. His words and photographs have appeared in National Geographic, Rock and Ice magazine, Wonderful West Virginia magazine, the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition's Harvest Hollow magazine,, and the Adventure Scientists Field Notes blog.   When he's not hunched over his computer crafting written and visual stories, he's out hunched over his handlebars taking full advantage of the world-class mountain biking in and around Davis.