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Verglas Media, a production company specializing in science stories told on a variety of high-tech platforms - from HD, to 3D to Science On a Sphere film production.

Frozen - A Science On a Sphere Film - See it in 3D!

FROZEN  - A Science on a Sphere film produced by NASA to highlight the science behind the study of Earth's cold regions, and how their changing patterns effect all life on earth. 

FROZEN, one of the first films ever made for the Science On a Sphere (SOS) platform, uses a plethora of data to discuss the realities of our planet's frozen regions.  While most of those regions -  Antarctica, Greenland, the North Pole, high mountain glaciers and Siberian permafrost - are not typically in our everyday experience, it turns out they effect us all.  NASA and its partners have been observing these changes,  from space, of course,  for decades.  What has the data revealed?  Check out the movie. 

While at NASA, Victoria Weeks worked as editor and videographer of the film. Created specifically for NOAA's Science On a Sphere platform and directed by Michael Starobin, Frozen garnered a 2009 Finalist Nomination at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Custom visualizations are by NASA SVS. Narrated by Craig Sechler with an original score by Andre Gribou.   For a full list of credits and data sources, you guessed it: check out the movie!  Or..the website:  full of cool science and behind-the-scenes info!  Look for an SOS theater near you! 

For an almost-spherical-experience, FROZEN is available below in 3D.